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Here at Unicorne we pride ourselves on our fast and efficient support service. On our Support Center, you can let us know about any bugs that you find and request new exciting features!

  • Bugs and features are free to request
  • While bugs are free to vote for, we ask for a small donation of £5 to upvote features.
  • In return for your donation, we promise to spend 50% of our time working on the most upvoted features.
  • Head over to our overview page to see what we're working on right now!

Top Bugs

Top 5 Bugs currently in our backlog

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Bug test 2
Error Message 1
Bug Test 3 1
test test 1
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Top 5 Features we are working on

Name Votes
test feature production 7
admins 5
Add a blog area 5
testing feature 0
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